Mental Health & Recovery

Mental Illness and the Christmas Season

Christmas is in one week! Can you believe it? All season we have heard songs and seen decorations around us declare, “Peace on Earth, goodwill to men”. Yet in a year with more than 300 mass shootings[1], perhaps you wonder, “Where is this supposed peace of God?” Where is God in a world filled with…… Continue reading Mental Illness and the Christmas Season

Justice & Equality

Shocking News: Adam and Eve Weren’t White

In the past few years I have tried to go outside of my comfort zone and get to knows a few teenagers in our community and school district, even mentoring them when I’m able. A high school girl of color I was talking with started joking around, not even realizing the implications of what she…… Continue reading Shocking News: Adam and Eve Weren’t White

Justice & Equality

It’s Complicated: Race and Socioeconomics

Originally published 1/19/15. Today is Martin Luther King Day. Although I didn’t get the day off, I have still been spending quite  some time thinking about race. About a week ago, Trib Total Media published an article about a report regarding racial disparities in Pittsburgh. I found the article and some of the statistics it…… Continue reading It’s Complicated: Race and Socioeconomics