Justice & Equality

I Hear You No Matter Your LGBTQ Letter

As I left the doctor’s office, I saw my friend Katie sitting on a chair. I waved and almost walked by, until I sensed a sadness about her. I stopped, sat down next to her. Immediately I could tell she was very upset. “What’s going on?” “No one wants to listen to me. I have…… Continue reading I Hear You No Matter Your LGBTQ Letter

Justice & Equality

It’s Complicated: Race and Socioeconomics

Originally published 1/19/15. Today is Martin Luther King Day. Although I didn’t get the day off, I have still been spending quite  some time thinking about race. About a week ago, Trib Total Media published an article about a report regarding racial disparities in Pittsburgh. I found the article and some of the statistics it…… Continue reading It’s Complicated: Race and Socioeconomics

Love, Life & Community

No One is #Winning Or #Losing The Game of Life

They say comparison is the thief of joy. More than that, I think comparison is just silly. So many people, especially young adults, seem to feel guilty that their life is not progressing in the typical fashion. Or more often, they feel inferior to those whose lifestyle happens to match “normal”. Who decided that the…… Continue reading No One is #Winning Or #Losing The Game of Life