Love, Life & Community

Give Yourself Permission To Relax

We live in a culture that is focused on constantly doing, engaging, and working. We only value those who work hard to contribute to society and often look down on people who choose to relax as “lazy”. I’ve only recently realized how pervasive this attitude is and how deeply I have ingrained and accepted it…… Continue reading Give Yourself Permission To Relax

Justice & Equality

What Roman Art Taught Me About Gender

Gender. It’s a hot topic right now. And despite all of our efforts to make sense of it and understand it I still feel like we’ve gotten it wrong. While traveling in Italy I found a work of art that really made me think. Please bear in mind that I’m not an art scholar, this is…… Continue reading What Roman Art Taught Me About Gender

Love, Life & Community

No One is #Winning Or #Losing The Game of Life

They say comparison is the thief of joy. More than that, I think comparison is just silly. So many people, especially young adults, seem to feel guilty that their life is not progressing in the typical fashion. Or more often, they feel inferior to those whose lifestyle happens to match “normal”. Who decided that the…… Continue reading No One is #Winning Or #Losing The Game of Life

Love, Life & Community

Life Beyond Difficulty: A Lesson in Resiliency & Community

At the beginning of last month a four-alarm fire completely destroyed an inner-city apartment building in which several of the kids from our community group lived. The apartment was razed, leaving them homeless, as well as several other families whose homes experienced serious water damage. While no one was hurt, these families lost everything (they don’t have insurance), and I wondered…… Continue reading Life Beyond Difficulty: A Lesson in Resiliency & Community

Mental Health & Recovery

Recovery Is Like A Garden

Recovery from mental illness is hard. Really freaking hard. Anyone who tells you otherwise is either extremely naive or trying to sell you something. One of the hardest aspects of recovering from depression is staying motivated to keep trying. Keep going to therapy, keep exercising, keep taking medication and vitamins, keep using therapy skills. It’s…… Continue reading Recovery Is Like A Garden