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Natural Depression Options

While there is absolutely nothing wrong with taking a pharmaceutical anti-depressant, I think it is good to know about alternative options that might be helpful for some people dealing with mild depression. I believe in making informed decisions and since I looked into this quite a bit a few years afo, I want to share…… Continue reading Natural Depression Options

Mental Health & Recovery

When God Feels Far Away

Guest Post: This guest post is brought to you by my blogging buddy, Mommy Muddling. She is working her way through recovery from a major episode of depression and often writes about her Christian faith. In this post she explores the Catch-22 that during times of mental illness when we need God the most, He feels the…… Continue reading When God Feels Far Away

Mental Health & Recovery

To Take Psych Meds Or Not? That Is The Question

Should I take anti-depressants? Should I go to therapy? Can’t I just manage my depesssion with lifestyle changes and natural supplements? These are the questions that everyone who suffers from depression must try to answer. It’s not easy.  At one time I was more likely to suggest natural options. I’m still thankful to get information…… Continue reading To Take Psych Meds Or Not? That Is The Question

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Ten Years’ Difference: Hope For Parents of Teens

“I HATE YOU!” I screamed at my parents and stomped out of the room, up the stairs, and into my bedroom, with a satisfactory and pointed slam of the door for good measure. I sat on my bed, stiff and angry, until eventually the anger broke down and I simply burst into tears. “They just…… Continue reading Ten Years’ Difference: Hope For Parents of Teens

Mental Health & Recovery

Self Compassion: Giving Myself A Hug

We have the best intentions to stay on top of life, but sooner or later it catches up to all of us. In fact, sometimes it feels as though life has completely swamped us, and it’s all we can do to keep from drowning. At times that overwhelmed feeling is due to completely suffocating grief.…… Continue reading Self Compassion: Giving Myself A Hug

Mental Health & Recovery

The Best Thing To Say To Someone With Mental Illness

I’m just going to say it. I have major depression, the clinical, needs medication kind. I’m pretty open about it and I freely tell my friends and family. Much of the time, they don’t know how to respond. I know it’s hard to know what to say. All the “what not to say” lists make it especially…… Continue reading The Best Thing To Say To Someone With Mental Illness