Love, Life & Community

What Roman Art Taught Me About Value

While touring Italy I found myself challenged and moved by many of the beautiful art pieces we saw, as great art should move its viewer. I’m not an art scholar, but I would like to reflect on how some of these masterpieces moved me. I was really challenged to reconsider how I think about things…… Continue reading What Roman Art Taught Me About Value

Mental Health & Recovery

Natural Depression Options

While there is absolutely nothing wrong with taking a pharmaceutical anti-depressant, I think it is good to know about alternative options that might be helpful for some people dealing with mild depression. I believe in making informed decisions and since I looked into this quite a bit a few years afo, I want to share…… Continue reading Natural Depression Options

Justice & Equality

Shocking News: Adam and Eve Weren’t White

In the past few years I have tried to go outside of my comfort zone and get to knows a few teenagers in our community and school district, even mentoring them when I’m able. A high school girl of color I was talking with started joking around, not even realizing the implications of what she…… Continue reading Shocking News: Adam and Eve Weren’t White

Justice & Equality

I Hear You No Matter Your LGBTQ Letter

As I left the doctor’s office, I saw my friend Katie sitting on a chair. I waved and almost walked by, until I sensed a sadness about her. I stopped, sat down next to her. Immediately I could tell she was very upset. “What’s going on?” “No one wants to listen to me. I have…… Continue reading I Hear You No Matter Your LGBTQ Letter

Mental Health & Recovery

When God Feels Far Away

Guest Post: This guest post is brought to you by my blogging buddy, Mommy Muddling. She is working her way through recovery from a major episode of depression and often writes about her Christian faith. In this post she explores the Catch-22 that during times of mental illness when we need God the most, He feels the…… Continue reading When God Feels Far Away