Mental Health & Recovery

The Personal Power Of Liturgy


It’s been quite a while. I do apologize for that, things have been pretty insanely busy in my life as of late. I am currently working on a new post that I hope to have published in the next week.

However, in the meantime, I wrote a piece for my church’s website. You can read The Personal Power Of Liturgy here. I don’t often write explicitly about my faith on this blog, but it’s a very real part of my life.

After the difficulties I went through a few years ago, a divorce and hospitalization for severe depression being the main issues, but not the only ones, I struggled greatly with my faith. I almost walked away from God, but God was holding me the entire time. I thought I might find Him by logically working out His existence or by having an emotional experience, but in reality God revealed Himself to me through traditional liturgical worship at my brother’s Anglican Church.

If you’re doubting God in your own struggles and mental illness, or even if you’re just curious about why I would leave the rock band worship style for an organ and pre-written prayers, check it out.

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