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Welcome to Hope and Heroism!

Welcome to Hope and Heroism! To the new followers and the old, I am grateful for your readership. Up until now I have been re-posting old blogs onto this new site. Old followers will notice that some of those pieces were heavily edited; new followers will soon see that the post frequency will soon be going down dramatically as I now have to actually write the pieces. 

If you don’t know me, my name is Liz. I live and work in Pittsburgh with a four-legged canine roommate who is obsessed with his ball. I enjoy camping, gardening, reading, and playing nerdy games. I suffer from, and successfully manage, Major Depression, which I write about on a regular basis here. At points last year it was pretty serious and required me to be hospitalized due to suicidality. I’ll get more into that later. I am a Christian, which is a big part of my personal life, but while certain blogs may mention or discuss faith, that is not intended to be a main aspect of this blog. 
In this blog I will be focusing on the topics of, you guessed it, Hope and Heroism in everyday life, specifically in the daily struggles and joys of mental illness, community, friendship, and justice. Life is, by necessity, lived out in the day-to-day moments and it is in those moments that true hope and heroism exists. Every person who decides to get out of bed on a bad depression day is an everyday hero. When you stand up against the racial discrimination your coworker (or yourself) faces, you are a hero. We are everyday heroes when we stop our busy lives for a moment to help a homeless man or play with our kids. And through it all there is hope for restoration of our bodies, our communities, and our society. Beautiful hope that it does, and will, get better. (Look for a new piece on Wednesday about what happened when I told my entire college I struggle with depression and self-harm.)

I have a vision that my blog would not simply be a place where I successfully argue certain points or discuss life hacks, but rather would be a small piece of open community where people are inspired to love and live in hope and heroism, a reflection of the real life community in our lives.

As such I want this to be a safe place for everyone to read and engage with me and each other. All people will be respected and heard, including those with dissenting opinions. You are welcome and safe here, regardless of your race, religion, gender, or past. To assist in creating this safe space, all comments will be monitored. Please see my commenting policy for additional information. 

Additionally,  I want to create a safer space on Facebook. Facebook has changed its algorithms so that now when someone likes or comments on a blog from a public page such as mine, it shows that action to all of their friends. This is great for me because it gets more people to see my blogs but pretty terrible for your privacy, as I discovered when I was going through a difficult time last year. I didn’t feel comfortable commenting on blogs when I knew my friends would see my comment and I suspect that some of you feel the same about my blog. 

Your safety, privacy, and ability to engage, if you choose, is extremely important to me. Therefore, I will continue to post blogs on the Hope and Heroism Facebook page, but I will also be creating a private Facebook group where I plan to post discussion questions and allow people to ask questions, seek positive thoughts and prayers, and  encourage each other. 

Finally, if you did not get an email or find this post via the Reader (or aren’t currently a follower and would like to be), you can enter your email address or follow via WordPress here on the site. I can’t control Facebook or Reader feeds so if you want to be sure you see the blogs, email is the best way. I do not use email addresses for anything other than sending out new posts.  
Whew! I think that’s everything I needed to tell you. Again, welcome to all of the new and old friends; I’m so glad you’re here. Let’s walk together through living everyday life with hope and heroism. Comment below and introduce yourself!

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